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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Syrian Officials Railroad Teenage Blogger

Syrian officials charged 19-year-old blogger, Tal al-Mallohi, with spying and sentenced her to five years imprisonment. While the judge offered no evidence for the teenager's arrest, an unnamed and cowardly official claimed her "spying" was responsible for an attack that never happened on a Syrian soldier who does not exist. Officials claimed she was working for Washington, D.C. Authorities there not only denied that claim, but demanded the girl's release.

Last week, authorities mockingly announced that Syrians have rights to freedom of expression to taunt bloggers and other online commentators. Tal al-Mallohi's blog contained some political commentary, but mostly personal poetry. She was held for nine months without charge. Last month, a 67-year-old blogger was jailed on similarly trumped-up false charges. Authorities in Syria are trying to stem the tide of revolt.

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