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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Firefox 4.0 Beta

I downloaded and installed Mozilla's Firefox 4 Beta after reading more about the tracking debate. It appeared to install properly and ran fine. The layout was very nice, though a bit confusing as I was not familiar with them. It really opened-up the screen, but was so non-intrusive that you had to search for tools and bookmarks. Also, only a handful of my Add-Ons were compatible.

Once I exited the program and reopened Firefox, it had somehow reverted to the original version (3.6.x). I discovered the Beta version had installed separately through Control Panel and tried launching it directly from the program folder, but it only opened more instances of 3.6.x. After several attempts, I uninstalled it.

I am eager to have the new privacy options, but my Add-Ons and customized settings have become very familiar and I found the Beta 4.0 counter-productive. I may tinker with it later, but it's too early to switch.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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