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Friday, February 18, 2011

Considering Entropia

I am bored. And I have been bored for a while now. I have entertainment options, but I am lonely and they provide nothing to combat that, so I wanted to play The Sims. The problem is that I can't find the second CD. It should be around here somewhere, because I installed it on the netbook, but I have torn the house apart looking for it to no avail.

So I started researching Entropia.

I have to admit, it is definitely tempting. I had always wanted to get into Second Life, but had neither the computer nor Internet connection to allow it. Now that I have both, I honestly haven't thought about it until reading about "Neverdie" making over $1/2 million selling that club or whatever, so Entropia sounds like a pretty sweet deal. But I'm not looking to get rich or anything.

I need a diversion, a pleasant one, that's outside of my stale routine of audio/video and comic books, and playing something similar to The Sims and getting paid to do it? I'm down with that! My goal is to pump enough money into the game at the start that I can more leisurely pursue things like Skills and so forth, and hopefully build-up my character in those first 2-3 months so that he is making $10-20/month in the game.

Unfortunately, the Universal Monsters SEE Virtual World is not yet available, so I'm waiting for that.

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