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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mobile Users Get Half the Picture

While talking to a mobile user the other day, it started dawning on me just how little of the online world they actually get -- not "get" as in understand, but "get" as in experience. I do not have a cellphone, nor a device such as the iPad, but I know that websites and companies are increasingly aimed at these users, who are said to outnumber those of us with computers by a wide margin. I buy that, but from what I understand, these devices are very limited in their capabilities and the depth, breadth, and volume of information they can access is quite limited.

I need to research this field more before I make any sweeping statements or criticisms, but websites simply offer far more than the average mobile user can access. I guess what I'm saying is that mobile users cannot get the full online "experience" if they only ever access the Internet from their phones. So, they do not always have "an app for That."

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