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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AOL Late Night Block with Smith, Pollak, Carolla

As the Web and TV start to merge ever more with each passing day, AOL is now hosting a late night block featuring popular podcast hosts, Kevin Smith, Kevin Pollak, and Adam Carolla. However, this late night "talk show" event is actually nothing more than a collection of clips from the talents' actual shows.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this - think Talk Soup for podcasts - in fact, the clip show may actually be better than sitting through all three shows, which would take five to six hours! Culling the more interesting bits from each should make for a fast-paced, entertaining presentation, but each podcast is interesting and fun in its own right. Think of the podcasts, in this light, as novels, where the author has the freedom to digress and entertain deeper aspects of the subject(s), where the AOL late night block is the TV adaptation of the same -- more direct, to the point, and on-topic.

AOL has a stunning amount of content, and is attempting to establish a regular, daily schedule of streaming entertainment -- in effect, becoming an online television station or channel. Carolla, Smith, and Pollak are far from the only celebrities featured, though they comprise the "heavy-hitters" of podcasting.

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