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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Netflix' CEO Offers Apology, Hints at Streaming-Only Service

The more the online entertainment changes -- and I'm talking specifically about streaming media now -- the harder it is for me to determine where best some of these things fit; this post would do well over to Rated-B, but seems more techie to me, so here it is:

Netflix' CEO, Reed Hasting, made about as big a mess of the service's Canadian opening as he could have. First, he hired actors to help bring the enthusiasm he thought the event warranted, and had to apologize about that. Then, he casually let it slip that we Americans are too "self-absorbed" to know we're paying more for Netflix than our friends to the North. Sigh.

So he typed a sprawling apology on the company blog, which some truly self-absorbed boneheads failed to grasp, seeing as how we are only paying $1.00 more for both streaming and DVDs mailed to subscribers. Canadians' only option is streaming, as Hastings says Netflix is not offering the option of mailing discs to foreign countries, due to their postal systems.

He also mentioned a streaming-only plan for Americans that may be in the works, but this was first mentioned in 2009 and has yet to manifest.

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