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Friday, August 27, 2010

AIM Lifestream Consolidates Twitter, Facebook, more

Last year, I brought you a post on an AIM plugin called "Twitterman." At the time, AIM was trying to get its plugins model to catch-on and Twitterman was a poorly-coded attempt at making AIM capable of following Twitter. It never worked very well, but it was better than having to login to Twitter every few minutes to check your account or post something new. AIM's latest release, however, include AOL Lifestream - a consolidation of many networks and sites which include status updates.

With Lifestream, you can update your status on AOL/AIM, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and now Foursquare - all from a single entry. You do not have to use AIM; you can login to Lifestream directly from your browser. You do not have to include all of the networks, either; you can leave MySpace off, for example, if you want to change your status there manually.

Not only can you update all of your statuses through Lifestream, you receive all of your friends' updates as well. Perhaps the strongest selling-point is that it doesn't pick-up all the Farmville, Vampires, Mafia Wars, and other game nonsense so many of us hate to sift through on the actual social networking sites.

I've been using Lifestream for several months now and have absolutely no complaints. Pictures, links, even videos come through and can be launched directly from AIM. You can also Like and Comment on items right from AIM (without having to login to the network directly). Highly recommended.

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