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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bong Baby, Bill Clinton, Did Not Inhale

Bong BabyA picture posted on Facebook, in which a toddler appears to be smoking a bong, brought his 19-year-old mother to the attention of Florida's Department of Children and Families. The FDCF is now investigating the child's home to see if he has ever been exposed to drugs. The mother is having to undergo frequent, random drug tests as well.

The teenage mom blames the media for her troubles, admitting to a local TV station that while posting the picture "was stupid... [she] would NEVER put by [sic] baby in harm." She also questioned why they would "do this to [her]," noting that she is always nice to everyone. "i can go to jail and he can be taken away from me," the young mother complained.

Despite her failings at spelling, and grammar... and motherhood, the girl has a point. She correctly pointed-out how the bong ("TABACCO [sic] pipe," according to her) had no bowl, and claims there was no smoke in it for the baby to inhale. Florida is not Indonesia, and I tend to believe that most all 11-month-old babies would cough their adorable, little heads off, were they to try and "Clear the chamber, man -- WOOOO!"

Obviously, the mother and others have been smoking "TABACCO" in front of the child often enough for him to mimic their actions, but the child clearly was not actually smoking pot; even if she didn't remove the bowl to protect the child, she damn sure removed the bowl to keep from losing her pot! She most likely caught him mimicking her (and her friends), thought it was funny, and snapped a picture to "show one fucking person." Despite her high intelligence, she honestly may not have post it where others could see, given Facebook's new "privacy" options changes, or the one person to whom she sent the picture could have shared it with someone else, who sent it to someone else, ad infinitum.

Regardless of how it happened, regardless of how tacky, the truth is that no one was harmed here. At worst, she should be fined -- possibly sent to jail for a few weekends -- but to take her child from her -- to even threaten to do so -- is fucking stupid. What if the picture showed the child playing with rolling papers, or turning-up an empty beer can?

Florida, in particular, has a damning habit of "making examples" of people who commit lesser crimes, and I hope it bites them in their collective ass one day soon. For instance, why don't we overlook it the next time a hurricane demolishes a town or two and kills a handful of "innocent victims?" After all, what the hell were those people doing there in the first place!? If they're dumb enough to live in Florida, they should expect to die a watery death -- right? We need to make examples of such people, to show the rest of the country that living in Florida is just asking for death.

Kinda seems harsh, but it's 100% in keeping with their outlook and ideology. Like I've said a billion times before, and will continue to say time and again, such people never practice what they preach, and never take responsibility for their own actions or beliefs -- specifically when they harm others.

Yes, this little moron did something stupid, but no one got hurt, and to even threaten to remove her child is nothing more than an abuse of power and a misappropriation of the law.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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