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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Attacker, Hoaxer Receive Lengthy Sentences for Rape, Incitement

An angry ex-boyfriend posed as his former girlfriend to place a Craigslist ad which sought someone to fulfill a rape fantasy. A 27-year-old man, married with children, attacked the victim in her own home, beating and raping her severely. Both the attacker, Ty McDowell, and the impostor, Jebediah Stipe, received prison sentences of 60 years to life.

McDowell's attorney pleaded with the judge to give McDowell the minimum sentence of 20 years to life, saying his client's remorse was genuine and he was certain he would never repeat his crime. He also claimed that the defendant believed he was participating in a consensual act. McDowell cried on the stand, saying he hoped to be out of prison in time to be in his children's lives.

The victim also cried, saying McDowell's attack has made her fear her own home.

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