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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Microsoft Kin Set to Die

Nono, not like an actual blood relative; we would never hear about that! HAHAHA...ahem. Yeah, um, Microsoft is killing-off the Kin messaging phone, despite commercials still being run -- especially on Hulu. The device only went on-sale two months ago and Verizon cut prices just this week. The Kin will not debut in Europe. Instead, Microsoft is going to focus on their upcoming Windows Phone 7 handset; the Kin work team will be folded into the Windows Phone 7 team.

Kin, aimed at the young social-networker, is said to have seen incredibly low sales. On Monday, Verizon slashed prices in half; the Kin One is only $29 with a two-year contract. Though reviewers seemed to like the Kin Loop -- which combined Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace status alerts on the face -- as well as the Studio, which was something of a snapshot diary of the user's activity, however service was said to be spotty and slow, and there was no apps store.

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