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Monday, May 17, 2010

YouTube Fielding 2bn Hits a Day!

On its fifth anniversary, YouTube is getting some 2 billion hits per day, according to owner, Google. That is almost twice the number of Americans who tune-in to all three major TV networks, combined! However, those TV viewers watch some five hours of entertainment a day, while YouTube visitors only spend about 15 minutes on the site.

Just seven months ago, YouTube claimed it was getting 1bn hits per day, despite some experts' questioning of that math. Back in 2005, when the site was first founded, visitors watched some 8 million videos each day, including the time in which YouTube was in beta. Today, even experts agree that the site is an indelible part of pop-culture. It handles nearly 1/2 (40%) of all internet video viewing in the U.S.

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