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Friday, April 9, 2010

YouTube's New Digs

A couple weeks or so back, you may have logged-in to your YouTube account to find a brand-new look: Your "Channel," with a screen on the left-hand side and a sidebar of your favorites on the right. I, personally, took right to the new design - I particularly loved the fact that I no longer had to scroll through 10+ pages to find the video for which I was looking - and I am not the only one; most everyone seems to appreciate it. Now, YouTube has made the redesign "official."

Google sent out an e-mail on March 31st, indicating the new design would be the default for all users, since it has been in testing since January. The design brings YouTube more in-line with Google's suite of sites and services - in particular, stripping it down to the minimalism with which Google users are most familiar.

You can still access the old YouTube through a link in the right-hand corner.

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