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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twitter's Sponsored Tweets

Twitter is treading cautiously into advertising with sponsored tweets from a handful of advertising partners. These ads will only appear in Twitter searches for now, and though they will be labeled as "Promoted," they will be surreptitiously integrated with regular tweets - something which could go either way, as more users begin seeing them.

It only takes a few times of clicking on an ad by mistake before some people will quit the service, or severely curtail the amount of time they spend there, but Twitter thinks it will make the ads less intrusive. If you go to the site, you see there is plenty of space in the margins for banner ads and I see no reason not to include those, but Twitter believes it will drive-away users who have become used to the service without ads.

Many companies are already on Twitter; they created their own accounts to tweet specials and other stuff to customers. Which has experts wondering why anyone would pay for sponsored tweets instead of just opening their own account and sending them as many have been.

One things is certain: You can bet Twitter's initial advertising attempts will be watched closely and dissected by analysts, experts, and fans alike.

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