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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Organization Leads to Productivity

From time to time, I repeat this. I repeat this because it's true: Organization leads to productivity, and productivity leads to... product. That is, the more, and better, organized you are, the more productive you will be, which means you will get more done. And all of that is the long way of explaining why I haven't been here more this week.

It's also toward the first of the month, so I'm also busy paying bills and handling personal business and all, but the organizational stuff is primarily what I've been doing. I have also been making a major push on the site, because my host sent me $100 free credits for Google AdWords, which ONCE AGAIN refuses to honor it. This time, I'm fighting it like hell! I'm not going into the whole thing, but - suffice it to say - it's Google, so you already know they are at-fault.

I've also been having a hell of a time sleeping lately, and I'm literally drowsing-off at the keyboard these days. I burned my damned blanket the other night, because I dozed-off while smoking! Not good. And before you start cracking-wise about "smoking in bed"... well, I have nothing. Crack away. Crackheads.

Anyway, I'll get to posting right now and have it appear throughout the day. I'll also try my best to advance-post some stuff for the rest of the week.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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