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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Troll 2: The Best Worst Movie

According to Wired contributor, Brian Raftery, Troll 2 holds the distinction of being the first Web success story in Moviedom. A short article in this month's magazine details how the movie, originally shot in Utah by an Italian director with a cast who barely spoke English, was so bad it never got an American cinema release, but made it to video and late-night cable airwaves.

Several fans created websites, mashups, trailers, and other media dedicated to Troll 2 over the years, and when 32-year old castmember, Michael Stephenson, began receiving questions about the movie in 2004 (following the DVD release), he decided to track down some of the other castmembers, as well as the director, Claudio Fragasso. The result is the documentary, Best Worst Movie.

Over the last few years, Internet users have managed to help Hollow-wood make a few decisions - like bringing back Family Guy, getting Betty White to host Saturday Night Live, and more - but, if this article is accurate, Troll 2 may have been the first Web success in this arena. "The Web... made the movie accessible to everyone," Stephenson told Wired.

Best Worst Movie will premiere with Troll 2 this April at the Phoenix Film Festival.

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