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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Internet Addiction Tied to Depression?

According to an online survey of over 1000 people, 1.2% can be classified as suffering from "Internet addiction." Further, this 1.2% were 5x more likely to suffer from clinical depression than others. The irony that this study was carried-out online has not escaped me, nor critics of the research.

At any rate, this 1.2% not only spent an inordinate amount of time online, they were also more likely to frequent porn and gambling sites, as well as social networks. The researchers admit that Internet addiction can be hard to diagnose, and say they do not know if one causes the other. However, previous research indicates that depressed people turn to the Internet as a means of avoiding "real life," and others with their condition are likely to turn to TV, shopping, books, et.al.

Actually, some Web-use might even be beneficial, especially if it involves socializing online. All the study conclusively proves is that more research is needed.

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