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Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Winners Tweet Their Acceptance Speeches, Thanks

Winners on last night's Grammy awards had an incredibly short amount of time in which to make their thanks, possible only 15 seconds (as reported by E!). However, many of them later thanked fans and supporters online, using Twitter. Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and the Zac Brown Band all tweeted their thanks, and Pink, though not a winner, tweeted her gratitude to her fans for their support following the ceremonies.

Celebrities have embraced Twitter as a way to directly communicate with their fans without the hassles of running a blog. The service allows you to basically Instant Message (IM) a group of people, known as "Followers," in 140 character-length bursts. Businesses tend to use the service to make announcements, and regular users apparently just tweet whatever pointless minutiae comes to mind, but celebrities have made the most of the free network, using it to directly chat to (and sometimes with) fans and even other celebrities.

Twitter came to the attention of the mainstream following celebrity, Ashton Kutcher's, challenge to CNN. Since then, many celebrities have created accounts - some have even entered "Twitter Wars" with other celebrities - but few "reg'lar folk" seem to grasp the actual point of the social network, which is an announcement platform and not a two-way communications service.

The rise in online activity, especially concerning social networks and media, has given rise to several research studies which have returned conflicting results. However, they all agree that most netizens are active on one or more social networks, that use of social media is on the rise, and Twitter is at the forefront of these activities.

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