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Monday, January 18, 2010

Yahoo! Adds NetTV, New Partners

We've been discussing TV changes across the site lately, with the announcement that certain special interest groups -- namely, the broadcasters themselves -- are looking for a way to start charging for "free" (broadcast) TV.  However, Internet TV is not just a thing of the future; Connected TV is here and now, and is headed to a store near you very soon.  Several companies are shipping Connected TV units in Europe and America this quarter.

Yahoo! has entered the arena with its Yahoo Widget Engine and announced three manufacturers and two TV processor companies have joined its Connected TV effort.  The YWE basically replaces the "Info" service on your TV: It lists program information, menu guides, and the like, but it also serves ads.  Noted advertising partners include MSNBC, eBay, Twitter, Facebook, Napster, and others.

According to Yahoo!'s announcement at the CES, it appears your next Internet-ready TV will be running the Yahoo Widget Engine -- if you buy one before 2011 or so, at the least.

The CES is held annually in Las Vegas, NV right above the porn convention.

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