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Friday, January 22, 2010

"Networked" TV

Earlier this week, I discussed Yahoo!'s new smarTV widget. While that is still underway and I certainly do not have any access to it nor any TV capable of employing it, My Yahoo! has been my start-up page for years. The first thing on My Yahoo! is my TV guide and, when you click on a show's title, it opens a new window which provides the information for that episode. And, down near the bottom on the left-hand side is a little widget which says, "Record to TiVo."

I don't have TiVo, but the digital TV tuner I have does have an R-45 input in the back, labeled "Smart Antenna." I have an Apex DT250. I have come across reviews but no manual online and Netflix does not list it as one of its streaming devices. The TV I have does not support a direct computer connection either, but I am going to try and network the TV and computers through the broadband connection just to see what happens.

The problem is I can't find the damned hub! I had it in this very room for weeks before the DSL was installed and specifically recall moving it before company arrived one day several weeks ago... and have torn this house apart looking for it, yet haven't seen it since!

Still, once I find it, I'm going to network the TV and see if I can get anything to recognize it or communicate with it. If anyone has any suggestions or knows anything about all of this, I would really appreciate any comments you have!

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