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Friday, January 29, 2010

Microsoft Earnings Up 60%

Microsoft posted earnings of 60% over its 2008 4Q returns, thanks largely to Windows 7 sales. Win 7 is Microsoft's best-selling OS to-date, which is somewhat surprising, given the failure of the preceding Vista. Microsoft reported record sales of $19.2bn - well above analysts' predictions - which brought stocks up 0.9% (about 25¢) after it was announced. MS quit making profit or sales forecasts in Q1, 2009, citing "market volatility." Microsoft owes at least some of its success to the rebound in the PC market, but Office sales were up as well.

Yahoo, Apple, and Google reported strong figures; the first two saw higher profits in 2009, as well. Nintendo's sales, however, dropped 10% which analysts say is due to a slowdown in Wii sales.

Microsoft's net profits for Q4, 2009 was $6.66bn.

Coincidence? We'll let you decide...

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