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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Belated, but there it is. I am going to do the whole "dial-up vs. broadband" thing, which is far from original, but I feel is more important and relevant than ever, but I told you things would be a bit wonky now, thanks to the holidays and my upcoming surgery, so it will be another week or so. I dropped-in to wish you all a very happy new year, and hope your holidays were nice, but also give you the agenda as I know it at this point:

I have some pieces I am trying to post the next few days, but at least a handful will be scheduled to run while I am recovering. I plan to take the entirety of next week off (after Monday). After that, it depends entirely on how I feel and everything along those lines.

As for the DUN:Broadband project, I need several more days to play-around, anyway; all I've done the last week is listen to music, update and configure my computer, and watch movies/catch-up on TV. Hey? It is what it is.

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