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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Google Revenue Up 17%

Google's (GOOG) advertising revenue rose 17% in the last quarter of 2009 - more than estimated - but shares still fell by 5%. Clicks on Google's ads were up 13% - clicks were up 9% from Q3 alone. Google made $6.67 billion, nearly $1 billion more than in 2008. Google's net profit also rose to $1.97 billion. It netted only $382 million in Q4 2008 because it had to write-off $1 billion in losses from bad investments AOL and Clearwire.

Google's search market share also improved in Q4, 2009, providing the monopoly with an even wider lead on Yahoo!/Microsoft. However, a spokesperson refused to answer rumors that Apple iPhone is replacing Google with Bing, Microsoft's "decision engine" which debuted last summer, as the default search engine.

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