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Sunday, November 8, 2009

TV Everywhere

According to Intel, 90% of all network traffic will be video and 60% of its viewers will access it from an Internet network. To help industries tap this market, Intel is devising ways to make TV ubiquitous, in an effort it calls "TV everywhere." By 2015, Intel hopes every individual will have two or more devices capable of connecting to 500 billion hours of TV and video content.

While this sounds mildly exciting, we're already halfway there; I'd hardly call this "news." More than anything, I think Intel was confirming what many pundits and netizens already know: video content is here to stay and should continue to dominate. With Intel's support, content producers and providers alike should find it easier to secure funding.

Intel also commented on direction, specifically 3D-TV. While there are a handful of 3D models available today, all of the major companies plan to release 3D-capable television sets within the next 2-3 years - Sony and Panasonic are releasing 3D TVs next year. Nearly 10% of American households will have one by 2013, according to one report.

Intel assured the burgeoning online TV industry that it is behind it. Intel referenced how the Web will change video technology, blending video content with personal content and other media, but remained focused on the work it is doing to advance its "TV everywhere" concept.

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