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Monday, November 23, 2009

How's Your Mom and Them?

Oh, hey. What's been durin? Shit. How's your mom and them? Naw, we don't talk.

We're back... for now. I don't know what happened, truth be told. I'd published content earlier in the day and then drank beer and played foozball with a friend and whenever he passed-out in the other room, I logged-on to find the blog had been suspended. Querying insisted it was "reported as spam." I've no idea who reported it, nor why, though it may have been this guy.

It also could have been someone trying to scam me, because I received a very official-looking e-mail claiming I'd made a purchase from Cartoon Network. It needed some private information to "confirm" it, but I'm not stupid! I downloaded the attached file and ran it, just like it told me to do if I hadn't made the purchase!

It also could have simply been Google's "mistake." The monopoly is so busy buying-up the Internet and expanding into areas which have absolutely nothing to do with search that it can't be bothered to work on returning relevant results, so I certainly don't expect them to be able to tell spam from... relevant results.

Anyway, it'll probably be a busy week because we have so much time to make-up. And I have to jaw about Win7 and my new laptop!

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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