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Saturday, October 3, 2009

NFL All Atwitter

The National Football League (NFL - American football) announced this week that no one directly involved in a game can use Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking site before, during, nor after a game. The National Basketball Association (NBA) has adopted a similar rule and now the NHL (National Hockey League) is said to be looking to do the same. The MLB (Major League Baseball) has a long-standing rule barring the use of all communications devices from 30 minutes before the game. NFL personnel have been banned from using social networking sites from 90 minutes before kickoff and 45 minutes after the game ends - or following post-game media availability - and some teams are disallowing players from even having communications devices on the field, at all.

All of this follows a few, recent Twitter-related incidents, including a player bad-mouthing booing fans and three others engaging in a "tweet-fight." However, the sports leagues are also concerned about unethical tweeters and MySpacers infringing on their copyrights and breaking broadcasting laws.

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