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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slight Push

The Cyberculturalist is actually a part of The Weirding, as are all of our blogs. We chose to use blogs to comprise the site because it is a text-intensive site; creating HTML pages for every article we wan to publish is more work than it's worth, pus blogs are easier to manage. Anyway, I had to give The Cyberculturalist its own domain for various reasons, but I have not promoted it much as its own URL.

However - again for various reasons - I need to do a little promotion of the site on its own so we can get some action going here, and I wanted to mention it. Oftentimes, this results in a slight flurry of activity for a moment, then things settle back down. It may also see me making changes to the template and all that, so things may be a little... what's the word? "Busy?"

Anyway, we focus on Cyberculture here, because the majority of my life is spent online - by choice. I work online, hang-out online, communicate over the Internet, etc. It really is different from IRL (aka, "The Real World") even though that line is becoming more blurred with every passing day, as the WWW becomes more integral to regular peoples' everyday life. That's what we observe and comment on here. Yes, there are computer tips and commentary on the industry and all such as that, but what separates The Cyberculturalist from other "tech" sites is that we're focused on online life, not just "the Web" or "computing" or whatever.

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