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Monday, October 26, 2009

Hulu to Charge

Of course... Hulu is set to start charging users in 2010. Apparently, it believes that users will appreciate "broadcast content" more if we have to pay for it - true story. However, Gizmodo got a second quote on the matter which served only to further confuse the matter - something about how the free, ad-based model was to be Hulu's flagship service model, and a pay-based model would be ancillary to that, or something.

In other words, Hulu will probably offer a handful of shows in very low-demand for free (Airwolf, anyone?), as well as last week's episode of Family Guy and the like, but the more premium, in-demand content (such as Buffy) will be on a subscription model.

As we reported earlier, Netflix now offers TV content as part of its subscription service.

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