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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1 Notification: You've Been Served

An Australian lawyer got the clearance to serve a couple court papers via Facebook. He told the judge he had exhausted all other means of contacting the couple, but knew they had a Facebook profile.

Mark McCormack of Canberra told the court he had tried contacting them by phone, mail, and e-mail but the couple was unresponsive. They failed to appear in court on October 3rd. The couple's house is being repossessed and McCormack believes they are simply avoiding the situation. McCormack used information found on the woman's Facebook profile to convince the court she is the responsible party. Her husband was listed as one of her friends.

The court sided with him and allowed him to send the papers via the popular social networking site. Australian courts have allowed e-mail and text messages for this use in the past. This is the first time they have allowd Facebook - or any social network - to be used in this manner.

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