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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Technical Issues

Hey guys. Sorry for the time away, but I am still recovering from surgery, but I have also been dealing with some technical issues here and elsewhere.

If you look at the top there, you'll notice some kind of misalignment with the topbar. I use this same template on The Rundown and do not have this issue, and I do not know when this first started. I just noticed it after upgrading to Firefox 3.0 (which also had to be troubleshooted for issues with specific sites and pages), so I don't want to jump the gun just yet, but it's annoying.

I am always adding new features, functions, and effects, so I usually keep a copy of the most recent template on-hand, but I have actually done very, very little to this one, so I don't really want to start over until I'm sure it's something that just can't be fixed any other way.

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