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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Firefox Claims Record

Mozilla is claiming at least 8 million downloads of their new Firefox 3.0 browser software. Once the Open Source Labs has audited the reports, it looks like Mozilla will hold the record for most downloads in 24 hours.

However, there was some bad news: within hours of its release, at least one major security flaw was discovered. And the whole thing almost didn't get off the ground; the servers crashed right off the bat! But they got them back up and going and everything went smoothly from there on in.

The new Firefox 3.0 is an obvious improvement over the last release, with improved capabilities and tons of new (and incredibly exciting) features. But, like any new software, it has its share of bugs as well. While most of them are small and barely noticeable, some are a real hassle, but at this point, there is no real way to tell if the bugs are with the software itself, any of the extensions, the themes, or the sites.

Google Analytics is one site that does not display under Firefox 3.0 and I have had issues with my own site's ads showing up locally. It may be the sites, it may be the graphics, or it may be something else, but if you can manage it, I highly recommend Firefox 3.0!

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1 comment:

Manodogs said...

A couple bugs:

1. When navigating through bookmarks from the Toolbar, the top of the right-click menu is grayed-out the first time; you have to stop, go back in, and then you can choose the Open in New Window/Tab options

2. When Bookmarking a site, if you choose to create a new folder for it, the new folder is created but no bookmark is recorded; you must make the new folder, then bookmark the URL.