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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Domains to be Made Available?

Some of you may be aware of the .XXX debate:

For years, many of us have argued that a .XXX domain should be opened for adult websites. There are a number of reasons for this, but most of them are very obvious and believe it or not, most of them have to do more with Web organization and the filtration of spam than any sort of morality or decency issues.

To put the pro-argument simply: a .XXX domain would ensure that adult sites are clearly defined, clearly organized under their own domain, and would also eliminate a lot of spammy redirects and "hidden" porn sites, such as Whitehouse.com. While we tech-savvy Netizens know that any website can get a .COM domain, many Web-'tards do not, and so their computers often fall prey to viruses, worms, and other malware - much of which is then passed-on to others' computers without the user's knowledge; this is how infections break-out and malware spreads.

Cons argue that a .XXX domain would limit free speech and somehow damage the porn industry; that's basically all they've got. Both are points are as meritless as they are stupid. People will never stop surfing porn; in fact, porn would be far easier to find because all they would have to do is type "anything".XXX and they're sure to land on a porn search page. Further, there is a difference between "limiting free speech" and curbing dangerous materials, protecting minors, and filtering search engine spam - and the .XXX domain would single-handedly do all of these things. It would not solve every problem alone, but it would be a tremendous step in the right direction.

Porn is not going anywhere (well, that's not exactly true), but it should: it should go to the .XXX domain and be forced to stay there. There is nothing wrong with this at all! Opponents will argue that adult sites are commercial, and so have a "right" to .COM domains; some are social, and have a "right" to .NET domains; etc. - all horseshit.

It is a fantastic idea to open-up new domains, but tighter regulation has to enter into the picture. It's great that Tuvalu can lease their national domain to TV-related sites and I agree with that 100%, but who the hell is looking for Tuvalu when they type "website".TV into their browser?

Like everything else in this world, a whole lot of bullshit could be avoided if just a little common sense was applied. Unfortunately - like everything else in this world - that's easier said than done...

© C Harris Lynn, 2008
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Manodogs said...

The proposition passed, though the .XXX domain still does not have the enforcement it should.