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Thursday, October 25, 2018


This is merely a sample of the IMs being sent and received in and around the Decatur County, TN area over the last few days.  These were sent from an account I have been unable to access for months now.  I still cannot access the website's control panel, and even the hosting company doesn't understand why.

Note the Chinese characters, which were created using a translator program.

The last was sent moments before CNN HQ and Florida areas were evacuated due to false claims of "suspicious packages."

The other messages will correspond accordingly by timestamp.  Many of their contacts in Nashville and Memphis work in Law Enforcement and the Law Enforcement... "community."

This Terrorism -- a sustained, continuous campaign of Terrorism -- is just a little taste of what I've been put through over the last 25 years.  While I truly enjoy pundits' prattle -- Caitlin Johnston comes to mind -- they have zero skin in the game.

All of these "bombs" are bullshit.  The tapes are not.

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