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Friday, October 26, 2018


I don't know who this guy, Cesar Sayoc, that they're alleging sent fake bombs to everywhere is, and I doubt anyone outside the Beltway, Hollywood, and/or the political/military sphere does either.

Whatever part he did (but more likely did not) play in this fiasco, those bombs were not meant to go to those people, nor were they manufactured as fake bombs:

Each of those packages contained functional parts of at least one bomb being manufactured piecemeal.

The actual perpetrators are in Law Enforcement and/or the media (six of one), several of whom have ties to colleges (if not currently attending college), and defense contracting and/or aeronautics firms.  Some of their cohorts work in the mail -- apparently specific to Mitch McConnell's shipping firm(s), but not solely -- and telecomm and tech industries.

We have no idea if any of them actually work for McConnell or any of his companies, or it's just supposed to look that way, but they rarely ever use USPS.  Never, in fact; they have not ever used USPS for anything that I'm aware of.

They purchase materials, then ship them piece by piece to someone else, who may assemble the entire unit(s) -- or each of the recipients assembles some part(s) of the devices, then ships out whatever they have.  Each unit within the assembly line may not even know what they are putting together.  Most of the shipping is automated, and the purchasing may be as well.

Some of this operation involves cryptocurrency mining software, and siphoning AdSense (and presumably similar programs') earnings, so it may be set to auto-purchase once their accounts hit a certain level.

They were absolutely stealing from that Iranian boy-girl they gangstalked, then falsely alleged shot-up Google.

These are the same people who were bombing Texas last summer -- as a lot of them have ties to Texas Universities, and extremist anti-white, feminist, and vegan groups.  In fact, one of the ringleaders of this outfit (assuming it is a single organization, which it is when it operates as one) is a black man who identifies himself as "Adolf" in correspondence.  He has also referred to himself as a Boss, so he works in Law Enforcement.

We're aware that gangbangers are sometimes referred to as "Bosses," but they tend to (or used to) use chess pieces to refer to their status.  This is a Law Enforcement clique with former and current military ties.

So, can we... are you done?  With your Flat-Earth bullshit.

They are routing IM and e-mail interchangeably, and definitely using data to entrap, harass, and terrorize "marks" -- "weaponizing data with military precision," to quote Apple's Tim Cook.  Many of these "marks" are identified through their political leanings, social media and/or blog posts, and so forth.

This Cesar Sayoc fits their victim profile perfectly.

They absolutely used social media and telephone to stalk, harass, and terrorize him, and he may have met one or more of these operatives during his dealings with authorities.  They tampered with his mail, caused problems with his home life, estranged him from his loved ones, and harassed him at work to cut him off financially.

They gangstalk their marks through various methods, recording any and all responses.  These responses are seen/heard (broadcast) publicly; the inciting gangstalking texts and messages are not.  This is why (and how) such people seem to be rambling, and/or speaking to themselves.  All very classic; all textbook.

In the case of Facebook, they were using m.facebook.com (mobile) and facebook.net, so that those of us they were gangstalking who were on Facebook.com were the only ones who saw their bullshit.  On Google, they returned two-party verifications from "Zone 1 Washington, DC" -- which is military (although no one knew it at the time) -- and forced G+ users to create a second, "Master" account.

In the case of Twitter, Twitter just up and granted them full access to personal accounts and private information without users' consent, and without notification.  Don't forget that Twitter is largely owned by the former owner, and co-founder, of FOX News.

What actually happened is that their little bomb manufacturing / assassination plot got busted in-media-res by some of their victims -- no names -- (purely by accident, seeing as how they are hacking through services that are not theirs) so they immediately sent what they had already assembled to these Democrats and media pundits, then fled.

They may or may not have pissed their panties along the way.  We're no panty-sniffers.

Now, we were entirely unaware of this little assassination jam-session, which appeared in (where else?) the New York Times last week, so we're certain this has something to do with the whole thing, but every time someone gets close to cracking this little puzzler, good ol' Johnny Law comes a-swoopin' in to make a timely arrest of zero merit, so we aren't going to bother trying to fit those pieces together.

So far, we've already heard the "ties to ISIS" (Mossad) chestnut.  We know he was a "lone wolf" who clearly "flew under the radar."  Next, they'll find a cache of guns in his van, and a stash of child porn on his hard drive.  His fucking passport in one of the envelopes.

How the fuck does someone who lives in a van down by the river know where to send all these packages, anyway?  Or who any of these people even are?  Or where any of them would be playing tee-ball?  If he's $25k in debt with no job and no home, where'd he even get the money for postage -- much less materials?

These operatives are not Democrats or Republicans, though; these are just run-of-the-mill military-for-hire no-necks with Security Clearance, and/or Law Enforcement ties, hired by shitheels with Poli-Sci degrees and ties to political think tanks, energy and/or aeronautics companies, and/or defense contractors.  Several are extremely active in TN and KY -area politics, specifically on the Republican side, are presently in the area, and are currently employed by Super-PACs and lobbying firms.

They are often paid by the Pentagon for these kinds of things, as well as Mossad and MI6, but also the above-mentioned.  They supplement their off-contract income through typical organized crime shenanigans such as flash mobs for-hire, blackmail campaigns, hacking HBO, cryptocurrency mining scams, and so forth.

Almost all of their money comes from Pro-ISraeli sources, and almost all of their victims are critics of ISrael and/or US foreign policy.

Interesting Post-Script: We are to understand that there were no return address labels on any of the packages prior to mailing.  (We don't know how anyone would know that, though.)

We'll try to be back soon with more All Around the InterWebs updates, but I hurt my back and am taking a lot of online courses at the moment.  Plus, I don't care enough about any of this, nor any of these "people," to work-up the energy... So.

It's Halloween, and life's too short -- getting shorter everyday.  Have zero idea how we're still online, but we're certain it's to our disadvantage, so we're only going to push it a lot more.

But, JIC, Happy Halloween, and happy holidays!

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