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Monday, September 24, 2018

All Around the InterWebs 09-24-18

Everyday, all day, everywhere, things go on -- and we know this because people go online and post about these things, even when they probably shouldn't.

Here are some of the things that happened during the week of September 17th through 24, 2018 that we probably shouldn't post about (and may be Censored for):

Like firebrand, Alex Jones, who has now found himself booted from PayPal, in addition to almost every other social media platform.  PayPal co-founder, Peter Thiel, mentioned just last week that 'Silicon Valley is not as Liberal as it tries to appear.'  I've said the same about Hollywood for years.

Asia Argento is suing Rose McGowan for Defamation for spreading falsehoods regarding Argento's alleged relationship with an underaged actor, and Coercion for attempting to use that to force Argento into behaving accordingly (#MeToo).

Ms. Argento is one lawsuit away from being accused of cultural appropriation for her namesake.  Honestly, is anyone surprised that the fertility rate in the West is bottoming-out?

Of the fewer than half-dozen lawsuits filed due to the #MeToo movement, it's telling that at least two have been between #MeToo members.  This, GamerGate, and similar, recent, "Fourth-Wave Feminist" actions can be traced back to a militant vegan sect posing as an activist group which was operating (at one time) out of Canada.

Oops!  Was I... should I not have said that?  Is it wrong?  Well, we'll know better next time.

This, and the Kavanaugh farce, actually inspired a multi-post response regarding social media, social hashtag "movements," abuses of the Legal system (by just bypassing it), and gaslighting which I hope to eventually publish, but that's for some other day(s).  I'll say this much, though:

Countless studies have proven that social media is not real life -- users lie, embellish, and generally act crazy.  We've all seen it, and -- with the exception of every non-white, non-male user -- most of us [white men] have done it.  Withholding evidence makes you an Accessory, and timing the release of that withheld evidence with their victims' success is called "gaslighting."

One is a crime, and the other is torture.

But so is wiretapping, Terrorism, unauthorized access, filing a false police report, and murder, and none of these folks have been charged with any of those.  Yet.  Although they have all participated in these crimes, and are all Guilty of them.

And we're not even pro-Kavanaugh; just anti-rape (including using rape allegations as a weapon and political tool)!

In fact, the Trump Administration has allegedly drafted an Executive Order to examine Internet tech companies' practices -- specifically their bias against allegedly Conservative users.  He need look no further than Conservative actor and candy connoisseurJames Woods' suspended account, as Twitter gaslighted him for a meme he retweeted on July 20th.

These #Resistance members are bad about gaslighting: They dig-up past remarks, uniformly taken out of context and/or provoked by #Resistance team-members, to use against their victims.  In many instances, such as that of James Gunn (not a Conservative, it should be noted), the comments are from several years back.

While this behavior may seem merely petty and petulant, it has ruined peoples' careers and lives, and lead to violence.

A lot of this started with Anita Hill, who now works in Hollywood (go figure)... and let's not forget the appointments of war criminals, Barack Hussein Obama and Susan Rice, over to Netflix.  If Hillary Clinton lands a gig on Prime, the whole Gang will be back together again!

True to the Modus Operandi of the comic book super villains they emulate, Twitter happily confessed that Woods' account was suspended because they did not like his political party -- that is, the meme he retweeted could negatively (for them) impact the Mid-Term Elections.

All of the people engaging in this gaslighting and policing of thoughtcrimes are the absolute worst mankind has to offer, so it's no surprise they work largely in Hollywood / politics, including "Law" enforcement / military.  Most of it is spurred not by outrage or a sense of self-righteousness, but personal revenge.

There is no doubt that these tech companies have attained massive influence, nor that many of them did so questionably.  But this is specifically what corrupt governments do: Sit back, let working-class people build these monopolistic empires, then crush them through legislation and endless oversight, before claiming them as their own.  Something needs to be done about both.

Obama still needs to be told that Nazis are bad -- but he isn't the only one who can't seem to wrap his head around that: Millennials, in general, need to be told over and over that Nazis are bad, among other things.

For all of our many, many faults, our generation was nowhere near as aggressively racist, sexist, and just plain ugly as this one!  We had tons of movies, TV shows, and music by or featuring fat people, old people, disabled people, black people, females, and gay people -- and that was just Roseanne!

But that isn't why we watched and listened; it wasn't novel, nor were these gimmicks to invigorate a failing market.  Still, while we didn't irrationally hate all white people -- white men, specifically -- we hated ourselves, and had a penchant for self-destruction.

This also sent my mind wandering, and my fingers typing, but there's no time for that here.  I can only say that technological and medical advancements have upset the balance of Natural Selection, and it can be argued that the Millennial Generation is evidence of the collapse of Humanity (no, really).

Both the US and UK announced new "cyber platoons" to wage cyberwarfare against the non-existent Russian threat to "Democracy."  The US then immediately dumped the private, personal information of some 14+ million citizens.  Numerous, aggressive, and obtuse "intelligence community" operatives were discovered to be behind all of this.

Speaking of obtuse intelligence agencies, The New York Times is suing the FCC, claiming that it hid evidence of Russian hacking in the Net Neutrality battle.  This is a boldfaced lie, and the NYT knows it:

Military operatives hacked the FCC Net Neutrality comments section, flooding it with spam comments when I, and others who had been hacked by these bad actors, commented; whether somehow triggered or otherwise directly engaged, the spam comments were connected to certain personal accounts' commenting.

The New York Times is suing because it knows that it will be able to find "close enough for government work" "evidence" to bolster its fantastic claims -- after all, their "Anonymous Sources" are the ones who put it there!

Again, it's like choosing the lesser of two evils here -- which is the Hegelian Dialectic of Controlled Opposition constituting the whole of US politics -- as the FCC is evil in its own right.  The New York Times, though, is absolutely Criminal.

I'm starting to wonder if The New York Times isn't colluding with Russia to undermine the entire #Russiagate conspiracy theory, because it hasn't published a single, factual story about any of it yet!  Shit, it should change its name to The London Times!

This had nothing to do with "Rights" or "Freedoms of the Press;" The New York Times isn't seeking these records to find out what, if anything, the FCC hid or did -- it already knows!  The New York Times is like famed TV psychic, and corporal punishment professional, Nikki Haley, up there: It already knows!  Which tells you the NYT's motive and intent.

Besides, Russia wants Bill Browder and/or Hillary Clinton; if they are truly capable of all these myriad machinations, they would have already gotten one or both -- live or dead.  Not to mention the fact that someone should have told Barack Obama that Nazis are bad before he appointed them to Ukrainian government.

Trump said he was willing to speak to Iran, but they had to ask him first (he's shy).  Trump has now tried to make peace with Russia, North Korea, and Iran, but his efforts at Peace are being #Resisted by war mongering war profiteers and racist Millennials, from both inside "his" Administration and out.  FWIW, his overture toward Iran was only show, and they don't know they're racists.

We'll have to keep telling them:

Nazis are bad, but being critical of ISrael and its policies does not make you a Nazi.

Speaking of showbusiness, Eminem's new "diss" track became the highest-viewed hip-hop music video in YouTube history.  And everyone but the AP has denied bogus reports that Julian Assange ever considered going to Russia.  Assange actually said in the past that he ruled out going to Russia, due to the political turmoil in the country.

In his last interview before his inhumane disconnect from the entire world at the behest of the war criminal and serial human rights abuser, Lenin Moreno, Assange stated that those Nazi-loving Millennials are the last "free" generation -- bringing us full-circle to what I discussed at the beginning of this post.

It's more than telling, more than disgusting, as to how the same cesspool of "people" have made false rape allegations about Assange, Trump, and now Kavanaugh -- to say nothing of the dozens of others they've falsely accused.  To even have to write a sentence combining all three names makes me sick.

If their claims are found to be meritless -- even merely "lacking" -- they should face the full weight of the Law, Public and otherwise, and be treated accordingly.  Boycott their places of employment; withdraw membership from their societies; use their faces on campus protest signs that say, "Teach Your Daughter Not to LIE About RAPE!"

Rape is bad; you shouldn't use it as a weapon, you Nazi Apologists.

Again, I clearly have a lot to say on these subjects but, the more I delved into them, the less they had to do with Cyberculture specifically -- and all but nothing to do with Internet Culture over the last week.  These are more deep-seated, sociological issues dealing with corruption at the highest levels, and propaganda from the earliest stages of development: 

A cruel, inhumane practice of domination by deceit and force majeur, leading to a "willing" subjugation (manufactured consent) with which every #MeFirst #MeToo movementeer should not only be intimately familiar, but against which they should be adamantly opposed.

Most of the [wedge] issues facing us today were conquered decades ago; it's just opportunistic terrorists re-opening old wounds for easy wins.  The #Regressives dragging us back into Wars decided 50, 75, and 150 years ago are actually labeled Terrorists, and banned, in many countries -- just not the UK, US, ISrael, UAE, and other nations from which they continue to operate, and send operatives.

Okay, so this one wasn't funnier than last week's.  Whatever.

Speaking of days gone by, here's Simon from The Chipmunks.

© Copyright 2018, The Cyberculturalist

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