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Monday, December 18, 2017

The Many Faces of HRC

This is the Real HRC
If you think this post is about Hillary Rodham Clinton, you're half-right:

The HRC often accepts donations under the name, Human Rights Council, but that is not where its money goes.  As you can see, the money -- like all donations to all charitable organizations -- is funneled through any number of front companies into American military black ops and a network of do-nothing corporations.  Many of these front companies are NGOs, or Non-Governmental Organizations -- such as construction companies, transportation companies, and social outreach programs.  If you do not believe this, ask yourself how so many problems persist despite the billions of charitable dollars, massive manpower, and years spent on them.  

The "Human Rights Council" sometimes collects money under the name "HHRC," which is actually the acronym for the Holocaust and Human Rights Center.  I cannot say whether or not the Holocaust and Human Rights Center receives any of these donations.

HRC is, at its most basic, a military black-op; the more replete, and complex, portrait is one comprising a manufactured economy supporting innumerable NGO that accomplish one thing only: Staying in business.

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