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Monday, August 21, 2017

URL Hijacker (Mac - Grandslam Entrapment Kit)

This URL redirector, url-resolution.plist-com.apple.gamed, was discovered in Decatur County, TN in 2017 on Mac Sierra (OS X).  The Grandslam script creates fake GameCenter profiles on the local computer to gain access to iCloud accounts, and install keyloggers, screen-sharing software, and scripts that allow and automate remote access control (RAS) of the workstation.

The Grandslam malware suite is used by US law enforcement to gain illegal felony access to others' computers, then steal their identity to create fraudulent social network profiles.  It apparently befriends anyone for whom law enforcement is looking, or allegedly involved in criminal activity.  The Grandslam Suite allows "law enforcement" to track, surveil, and entrap others, as well as commit felonies as though they were the user hacked.

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