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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

National Streaming Day

Today has been christened National Streaming Day by Roku (2014) and we want to make sure everyone knows it. As pioneers (mavericks, at least - maybe?), we cut the cord many years ago and have discussed streaming media many times over, including steps to help you cut the cord.

Noted in the video [link] above, many new channels on Roku are live streams but they're mostly news services that, just like their cable/satellite counterparts, tend to report the same stories in much the same ways. Still, even those that do not offer live streaming have options for viewing one story or setting all top stories in a category (Top, U.S., Local, Entertainment, et. al.) to autoplay. With the latter, the result is akin to an actual live news broadcast, just without the segues.

Further, most of the best shows recently released their last seasons to major outlets. With streaming set-top devices, you can watch them at your leisure or binge-watch them in a single setting (or more).

So take a moment to browse the over 1000+ channels available to you as a Roku user and find some new fare to view - or sit-down and check out a film you've yet to see, catch-up on your favorite TV shows, or just whatever. And, for those of you without set-top devices or sticks... IT'S 2015! WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

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