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Friday, February 24, 2012

Bill Maher on Yahoo! Live

Bill Maher did a live streaming stand-up special on Yahoo! yesterday, and you can now view it for free online [Since removed - ed.] in case you missed it (like I did, even though I had a reminder set).  CrazyStupidPolitics is a solid hour of stand-up covering current politics, religion, and little else.  If you are not a frequent viewer of shows like Bill Maher's, it is a very informative special.

I really enjoyed it, though I had to watch it twice because I was interrupted the first time.  I missed the live stream, so I do not know if there was a delay then, but the recorded show is censored.  It is not that bad but it is disconcerting.  I noticed that the shorter video excerpts are more heavily edited than the full show.

This is the first of many such specials in the Yahoo! Screen Live Standup Series, with big names to be announced soon.

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