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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hulu+ Dropping Price?

Now this is all just rumor -- unsubstantiated, a mere hypothesis at this point (well, maybe a theory... I don't know) -- but Hulu+ may be lowering its $10 monthly subscription rate to a mere $4.99. While Hulu+ subscribers have access to a much wider range of content, the content is not ad-free, which is a sticking point for some.

At $4.99/month, I would definitely subscribe to Hulu+, though only on a monthly basis. However, Hulu+ is still in invitation-only Beta, and I have not been invited. (No, I'm really not fishing for an invite, just stating my opinion.)

I have always been pleased with Hulu, but not with the expirations, which often force me to choose between watching a show/episode(s) at an inconvenient time, or missing it entirely. Hulu+ would eliminate that problem, but I would not want to pay $4.99 every month (recurring), because I could always watch the shows I want after I get caught-up on those I missed.

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