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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Was ABC/Disney Targeted by 'Here You Have' Virus?

Much of corporate America was apparently caught unawares by a vicious virus with the subject line, "Here You Have."  The e-mail contains a PDF attachment that is actually a Windows script which infects the reader's e-mail address with spam and begins infecting all of the people in his/her contacts, as well. 

Companies infected included Coca-Cola, Google, NASA, and especially ABC/Disney.  In fact, the latter was so hard-hit that many are wondering if it was directly targeted by whomever developed the virus.

The outbreak began at ABC sometime around 11am, PST.  A spokesperson says the IT department sent an e-mail telling people not to open the e-mail or click on any attachments or links in any e-mails with the Subject Line (McAfee reports there may be several variants, as well) -- but, as one person who works for Disney said, "People are idiots."  Several ABC affiliates were hit, as well as the main corporate offices.

While ABC/Disney appears to be the hardest-hit of all the corporations and companies affected, it is not known if the company was at the center of the attacks or was the actual target.

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