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Monday, September 28, 2009

Twitter Now a Billion Dollar Enterprise?

Twitter representatives acknowledged the firm received a "massive" influx of funds from several unnamed sources. However, they failed to elaborate on expert speculation that the money put Twitter over the $1bn mark.

Co-founder, Evan Williams, posted on the company blog that they had "closed a "significant round of funding" which brought some $100 million. Further, Twitter is set to allow advertising on its services, which allows users to send 140-character messages to "Followers."

While some point-out that the site has no visible means of making money, the more important thing is that Twitter is actually just a function! Technically, Twitter allows you to "mass" IM - that's all! In time, it will be absorbed into sites which offer actual content and have a real purpose; it is set to provide a function as part of the larger, Web 2.0 model. Sites like Yahoo! (a portal) will provide Twitter as its "announcement" function.

That is, if Twitter's uselessness continues to confound. Yahoo!, and pretty much everything else, already has "announcement" features mirroring Twitter - it's called Yahoo! Groups. However, Yahoo! Groups may be cut, if it follows the pattern Yahoo! set by canceling GeoCities, as newsgroups have been all but abandoned in recent years.

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