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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Web 2.0" is Official

And officially the one-millionth word/phrase in the English language, according to the Global Language Monitor. The Global Language Monitor uses a formula to track the frequency of use of words online and in print. According to the US-based firm, "Web 2.0" has been used often enough in the past six months that it has become "acceptable" English, making it the one-millionth English word in use.

Linguists dismissed the idea as "nonsense." According to Global Language Monitor spokesperson and president, Paul Payack, the service is viable, as it clearly defines what constitutes an accepted word and then sets about to count the words which meet that criteria.

Payack says there are nearly 15 English words coined everyday, and few become accepted into wide use. The Global Language Monitor seeks to count those words widely-used and many linguists and related professionals consider their work important, according to Payack. Some, though, have called it "a stunt."

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