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Saturday, June 6, 2009

US Shuts Down Criminal ISP

United State Authorities closed net firm, Pricewert LLC, following allegations of criminal activity, such as distributing images of child pornography; spamming; hosting illegal online pharmacies, phishing sites, and botnet command and control servers; and more. An official complaint was filed in a San Jose federal court, but a spokesperson noted it was not a finding of guilt; a court will determine whether or not Pricewert is guilty of the allegations. A spokesperson for the company called the matter "unfair" and vowed to fight the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in court. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 15th.

Authorities do not know who owns Pricewert LLC. While registered in Belize, Pricewert's servers are located in the US and its employees are thought to work out of Eastern Europe. The FTC said Pricewert was one of the "leading US-based havens for illegal, malicious, and harmful content."

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