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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Swedish Anti-Piracy Law Cuts Traffic by 1/3

When Sweden's new anti-piracy law went into effect yesterday, the country's Internet traffic dropped by 1/3! Experts say this initial drop is to be expected and it will trend back up over time, as determined file-sharers discover how to tweak their settings to continue sharing anonymously.

Researchers estimate 8% of Sweden's population engages in the practice. While they admit the chances of getting caught have increased, they say only slightly; with an estimated 2 million peer-to-peer file-sharers, the chances of individuals getting caught is still pretty low. Further, some early pursuers of the law have noted they did not intend to go after individuals vigorously - they are mostly concerned with "big fish" traders.

Some experts call the law a "disaster," noting the matter of theft should be left to the police and not given to the corporations to pursue.

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