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Monday, April 27, 2009

The State of The Cyberculturalist

There is a certain responsibility that comes with the mantle of "Cyberculturalist," and one which I do not take lightly. I was a BBS sysop (running Renegade) before becoming a webmaster and netizen, and I'm proud to say I've correctly predicted many Web and Internet-related developments over the years. This is a place where I truly feel at-home and honestly believe I have something of value to contribute, and this blog is some of that.

But we are moving this week, and it's been nothing short of exhausting - not to mention piecemeal. We had a truck for a limited time, as well as limited access to limited storage, and also had to make a quick decision, once we learned the place we really wanted had already been rented!

Anyway, there are always stories to cover, but I pick and choose them according to what is on my mind, according to my use of the Web, and trends which I see. For example, Twitter is big right now, but only because of the Ashton Kutcher thing. Right this minute the "hot" story is how Moldova has created a "flash mob" and initiated a Twitter protest. Maybe I'm very wrong about this, but I don't think this is quite the story others do.

While the Ashton Kutcher thing was an historical event within the cyberculture, the Moldova thing is... too big to be properly analyzed within the limited realm of the cyberculture at this time. Again, my call. And though limited time has something to do with it, and I did think it at least important enough to mention, I did just that more to help form the structure of this resource than anything else.

Something like this could alter the course of this blog, but I'm yet to be convinced it will alter the world or cyberculture. I do not think Twitter the cultural revolution others are crediting it for being. Not yet, anyway. Time will tell, but right now, I think it a media buzzword which proves just how disconnected they really are.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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