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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Mobile Web is Now the Norm in US

According to research from comScore, some 22.4 million United States citizens access the Web daily from their cellphones, meaning the practice has become a regular, daily routine for a significant portion of the population. The number means mobile Internet users has doubled since last year.

Better equipment, better interfaces, and better networks are largely to credit for this surge, along with more content geared toward mobile phone users. "There's a lot more stuff to do out there...," Mark Donovan, senior VP of mobile at comScore, said. Another factor is the proliferation of "high-end" phones, which actually compel the owner to surf the Web via his cellphone.

Social networking sites are the fastest-growing category of sites accessed by mobile phones, though news-related sites are still #1. Other studies by comScore reveal that light PC users tend to surf from their phones more, and vice-versa.

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