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Friday, January 23, 2009

Ethnocentric BBC No Longer Serving Americans

Have you noticed something new over to the BBC site lately? As in the, "Sorry! This media is not available in your area" message? What's going on with that?

While most of the times I've come across this disappointing status error have involved decidedly regional-based content, I'm one of those cats who doesn't like being told "no." Granted, I don't know who Jonathan Ross is, nor do I know what his whole "radio row" was -- honestly, I don't much care -- but when I'm reading a page filled with triangular exclamation points and notices as to how I cannot view more of the story due to my geographical location, I'm a little flustered.

These Britons have become rather haughty as late, no?

I think we can all agree that Bush's exit is a good thing -- for America, for Britain, for the world, in general. Hopefully, it heralds an end to the "Good Ol' Boy Network" manner of politicking we down here in The South are so familiar with. But one of the Web's integral strengths is the demolition of borders. And BBC has taken a huge step backward in this regard.

Don't think that just because we got rid of the cowboy y'all can get buck.

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