Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Scratch Input

Chris Harrison and friends have put together an honestly unique and refreshing take on input with their scratch input device technology. It seems the most ingenious advancements are those which seem so simple once they are "discovered" - like peanut butter and chocolate being put together; whenever a significant advancement - such as this one, for I truly see this being applicable to mainstream technology - you always kick yourself and go, "Now why didn't I think of that!?"

Not to put myself on Mr. Harrison and crew's "level," as it were - I simply do not think in such ways and lack the edumacation and time. But you have to admit, once you see this video, the basic concept seems obvious... so why hasn't anyone else thought of this!?

The flip-side of that coin is, of course, someone probably has - in fact, history teaches us that whenever a major advancement has been made, similar experiments were being carried-out by one or more people simultaneously. It largely depends on timing and funding.

This brings up the patent debate, but that's outside of this discussion. At any rate, look for some variation on the scratch input to start making its way into mainstream technology within the next decade or so.

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