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Sunday, November 16, 2008

EXE Files Not Associated!

I slaved the XP drive to the Vista box around the time I last posted. My intention was to leave it slaved and have the extra storage, etc. However, I had done this specifically to get the old files off there - the ones I'd been working on when the video board crashed-out and I lost the XP box.

Right off the bat, I started having issues. Damned Vista would not network with XP or 98 in the beginning, and whenever you slave an older drive to it, you cannot get into any of the Documents folders or files because of "permission" errors.

I searched high and low across the Web for information concerning this, but (as always) the "solutions" were glib and did not work. In this case, the "solutions" I found said to change the permissions through the Security Tab (right-click and choose Properties). I did that to no avail. Another "solution" was to share the folder with "Everyone." Still no help.

I eventually did get one, single file to open - after changing permission, assuming "Ownership," and all this other horseshit) - but I have two folders with hundreds of files that I have to get to and have no idea what I did to this one file to make it work, so that's just really no help.

At any rate, while moving a folder from the slaved drive to the master, the computer locked-up on me and I had to hardboot. When it came back up, I tried to start Mail from the bar and got the "This file is not associated with any program. Change the association through the Control Panel" message. To my horror, I found that all the shortcut links said the same thing!

I tried starting them from the desktop with the same results. I tried starting them from their Start Menu folders and eventually their actual folders off C: - and kept getting the same result!

Oddly though, Firefox worked from the Start Menu - thank God! - and I managed to find this site with the REG fixes. I downloaded it and got them up and running again. Before you say it, System Restore was giving me the same error - I tried.

Anyway, I wanted to share the link with you in case you ever run into anything similar. And I highly suggest you save it to Desktop or somewhere equally accessible, just in case, because I found it through a link off a forum where someone else was having the same issue.

Because I simply have to get to these other files, I will figure out how to do the permission thing and let you know once I do.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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