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Monday, August 25, 2008


I realize it has been a while and you may have been wondering if I just abandoned you. Rest assured, I did not.

I told you starting The Cyberculturalist was part of a series of steps leading up to relaunching the site itself and so it was. I also told you things would slow down dramatically once the site got settled on its new host and I had to work on it, and so it has. What I did not tell you - because I did not expect it - was that it would slow down for this long.

Due to the breadth of the site and the sheer amount of information available, I tried using Blogger and traditional webpages of my own design to affect a sort of Content Management System approach to The Weirding. It did not work. Realizing this, I installed a couple of the CMS my host has available to me and gave them a shot. Unfortunately, like most freeware, the documentation is lacking and try though I might, I honestly cannot make heads nor tails of them.

Yes, yes, yes; I'm certain there is an extension, component, plugin, or whatever that will ease all my problems... amidst the thousands. Of course, I don't really know which one it is nor where to even begin looking, so I fear it's back to the old drawing board for me for now. It looks like I will be hand-coding every page (well I use a GUI, but you know what I mean), which means things will remain slow for the immediate future.

But as things start to fall into place, I will get back to posting more. Eventually, when things get to a suitable point, things will get back to normal.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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